Monday, March 7, 2011

2011 Hot Pepper Varieties-Bring on the Heat!

1) Pilipili Hoho
4)Leutschauer Paprika
5)Bulgarian Carrot
6) Beaver Dam
7)Lemon Drop
8)Criolla Sella (capsicum baccatum)
9) Aji Yellow
10)Fire-(capsicum chinese)
11)Alma paprika
12)Purple Cayenne
13)Soror Sarek
15)Suryamukhi Cluster (capsicum frutescens)
16)Red Cayenne
17)Guarda Cielo
20) Chapeau de Frades
21)Bahamian Chile
24)Cayenne Golden
25) Indian PC-1
26)Rocoto Orange (capsicum pubescens)
27) Jamaican Red
28)Crimson Hot
29)Red and...
30) Orange chilis , brought back from a friend's travels to Italy
31) Spanish Padron
32) Filus Blue
33)Purple Serrano
34)Jamaican Hot Yellow
HYBRIDS- left over from OG test gardens
35)Big Bomb
37)Chichen Itza
38) Cajun Belle

39)Bhut Jolokia  not hybrid
40)Hinkelhatz (from SSE for OG test garden)  not hybrid

Holy hot peppers, Batman!

It is a lot of fine hot peppers I've gone and planted this year !!

Some are mildly hot, some are super scorchers.  If you are coming to my "Tomato Days" sale in 2011 on May 21, 22, you can look forward to seeing these varieties for sale as transplants.  I see >>heat<< in your future!!


Ashen said...

Is this the only place you will be selling them?? you are making my mouth water naming off all those. I havn't been able to find tepin's for years now. I am in guelph and head down to niagara quite often.

Linda said...

My sales of hot peppers are just at my farm, but a time other than my sale is possible! Nice to find another lover of hot peppers.

TYRA said...

Lovely Linda, just wonderful to see that there is more people that are just as crazy as oneself!


I'm not alone ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is Soror Sarek definitely a hot pepper rather than a sweet pepper? I am growing it now and the fruits are very large, looks more like a sweet pepper.