Friday, September 3, 2010

The Heirloom Tomato Honour Roll 2010

It has been a good tomato year.


I'm hearing back from people who got seed and transplants from me, and am glad to hear about their favourites in the garden.

Mentioned frequently are Pineapple and Hawaiian Pineapple, Stupice and Black Krim.

People often ask me what my favourite tomato is , and of course my answer has to be "all of them". I mean really. Why else would I grow so many kinds?

But now we are still in tomato season and the tastes are so fresh in my mind, I'll admit to some real standouts this year.

As always, Stupice. This incredible smaller red tomato has been producing in my unheated hoophouse since June. Rich and sweet flavoured , I find it very worthwhile to grow. Always.

The orange oxhearts were amazing-variety names to look for are Golden Oxheart and Dawson's Russian Oxheart. Sweet and mild flavoured, with very dense flesh and small seed cavity. I could eat these forever.

Elfin, a small red grape type had a thicker skin, but, wow! Sweet , just like popping candy in your mouth and equally addictive.

Cherokee Green was a standout amongst the green tomatoes. I always admit a weakness for greens, with their distinct spicy flavour. Cherokee Green is really good eating.

I thank "tomato king" Bill Minkey from Wisconsin for the great seed for a new favourite of mine. I just LOVED Cinnamon Pear. A dark brown inch long pear tomato with a sweet flavour-wonderful.
Imagine it in a salad with the other pears - yellow, red and ivory. Absolutely stunning!

And I'll finish up with another long time favourite. Red Garden Peach or Peche Rouge, always rocks. This is a super fragile tomato and one you will never find in the grocery store. But sweet beyond belief and juicy delicious with a velvety skin. This one will always have a place in my garden.

I could go on, but...I'd better leave it there. Because really, I could go on AND on.

It was a good tomato year!


That Bloomin' Garden said...

What an assortment of tomatoes. I must try some different kinds next summer. I am just harvesting my first crop, some early girl ,yellow pear and tumblers. I am totally addicted to tomatoes.

Linda said...

There are many good tomato varieties to choose is so hard to decide. The orange ones though, were SO yummy!