Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major Oops!

To say I have been distracted this spring is fair. But when you grow things the way I do, you need to be present, alert and NOT believe the weatherman.
So, where am I going with this?
Sadly I have lost some varieties of peppers and eggplants because I left to go to an event that required me to be away all day. The weather was for cold and rainy, but alas, the sun did shine. And I left the greenhouse with my tender little plants locked up tight, because that was the right thing to do for the weather that had been predicted.
It was too late by the time I got home-what an absolutely horrible feeling. Burnt right off!
I still have lots of peppers, but the ones that are great are the more common types that I had transplanted and hardened off much earlier in the season. Shepherds and Cubanelles we have. Jalapenos and Cayennes we have. But, darn-no White Habaneros, and a few others I was really excited about.
So kindly ignore the blogpost that mentions all the varieties of eggplants and peppers. They simply won't all be here.
But the tomatoes? Wow- they are looking good! Hope you'll all come and check them out!


mikesac said...

Great crops's great to eat organic food.Can not imagine farm fresh vegetables and the last time I grew mine.
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sherilaugh said...

My tomatoes were eaten by my chickens.... Sucks when you don't have the variety you were hoping for :(

Linda said...

I agree-so sad when you lose a variety. Funny,(not really) chickens got loose and starting going after my tomatoes. Boy, we rounded them up ...and fast!