Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Jolly Jester" marigold

I am a pretty practical woman. I pretty much just buy what I need (yes, I NEED all the seeds I buy!), I dress comfortably and grow far more vegetables than flowers, because, after all, most flowers you can't eat.
But I always smile when I see the happy Jolly Jester Marigold in my garden. I find it so cute!
I was introduced to this marigold years ago, at least 10, and have offered it ever since in the Seeds of Diversity seed exchange, under it's other name, Pinwheel marigold. And this year I am selling the seed for it as well.
As with all marigolds, it is extremely carefree. I generally plant the seeds for it indoors, about 4-6 weeks before the last frost, from April 1 and on here in the banana belt of Southern Ontario, (ie Wainfleet!) Then, when all risk of frost has passed, I plant it in my garden, generally popping it in amongst the veggies for a splash of colour.
It does stand taller than many other marigold varieties, often growing to 3 or so feet, and is covered in cheerful blossoms for most of the growing season.
Saving the seed couldn't be easier. Simply let the flower heads dry on the plant, collect them, and you will have these happy little flowers for years to come. Store your seeds over the winter in a cool, dry spot and excess seeds can last for years. Or bring them along to your nearby Seedy saturday, and let others experience them as well!

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