Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now for sale

It may be fall, but for me this is the beginning of another growing season, with both greenhouses planted and coming along nicely.
So now available are many different greens, particularly arugula, mustard greens, chards with more winter specialty greens not far behind.
I am still selling individual baskets of veggies ,including these items and can also add beautiful brown eggs from my girls for $4 a dozen (they are happy chickens). Additionally for restaurants I can custom grow microgreens , which I cut as well. Most chefs I deal with find this more cost effective than trays of uncut microgreens and they tend to have a 2 week shelf life when refrigerated. Lead time of 1 1/2 weeks minimum is needed on this, but they are available year round.
Give a call!


melissa said...

Linda, would love to see photos on the blog of your hoop house. We are wrangling (which means I want, husband doesn't) with how to make a hot house ourselves, even a cold frame for spring seeds would make me happy !

Linda said...

Hi Melissa..just seeing your comment now, and sure i will post pictures of the hoop house. It is so indispensible now. I just picked lettuce for our supper salad. how great is that in Feb!!