Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wwoofers, scapes and spring.

Anybody want to buy a used trailer? I bought one several weeks ago in anticipation of my first wwoofer...individuals from all over the world who are looking for working vacations on organic farms.
Although it works out wonderfully well for many people, it really didn't turn out that way for me. I felt like I had taken on another child, and one that really didn't like farm work. After the first week of badgering, I knew that was enough for me. Getting a 4 hour work day out of someone shouldn't be so tough. Very nice boy, I wish him well, but it wasn't working here..Us old girls were working circles around him!
I feel very relieved actually. Now to sell the trailer so I can pay old girls to help.
The garden is looking good, certainly weedy after this rain, but I sense it will be a very good year. We have lots of tomatoes planted, lots of many's big!
But it seems like it will be a late season. I heard on CBC news yesterday that this spring has been about 3-4 degrees below normal temps, with no days at all over 30 degrees. It is supposedly one of the longest "springs" we have had temperature wise.
So things are late, just how it is.
BUT, yes, they have arrived! The garlic scapes, those cute little curly tops of the garlic plant, which will, if left, turn into the flower heads, then seed.
They are in the CSA baskets now. That lovely ,lovely garlic flavour, so good in frittatas, stir fries and omelets. But here is another fantastic use- on pasta as pesto....

Garlic scape Pesto

8-9 garlic scapes, 1 cup in total
1/3 cup walnuts
3/4 cup olive oil
1/4-1/2 cup parmigiano
1/2 tsp salt

Process scapes and walnuts in food processor till smooth.
Remove from processor, add to bowl, add cheese, salt to taste. Keeps in the fridge for one week. Use 2 TBSP with 1/2 lb pasta...YUM!

Cooking greens are coming up now too, New in your baskets on June 23 are a mix of cooking greens such as kale, collards and chards. These too are great with the scapes. Stir-fry the scapes in a bit of olive oil, add the greens and wilt.
It's good!
The tickets for The Niagara Heirloom Tomato Festival, to be held at Balls Falls on September 6th are going on sale soon. I will have up to 100 varieties on tomatoes there for the tasting as well as vino, sample dishes from some wonderful Niagara chefs and musical entertainment. Wolfgang from The Wildflower is my co-organizer and will be putting on a great dinner that evening. Tickets will be available through me or The Wildflower and I will post a notice here as to when they are available. It will be a great day and planning is in high gear!

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