Sunday, February 8, 2009

seeds, seeds, seeds!

Feb 12/09 Right now I am surrounded by seeds , especially tomato seeds. At this point I don't want to know how many varieties I have, or have on the is scary! I know for sure I am up over 650 different tomato varieties and have really tried to focus on the bizarre and tasty this year.
I am really excited about a few in particular..yellow zebra...aka Pork Chop,Orange- Green Zebra and a number of Brad Gates crazy collection. Should be an exciting tomato year. Will I get them all in? Hard to say for sure. I really want to be able to focus clearly on each variety and discern its' unique qualities, and I'm not sure how do-able that is with so many.
Next week, I start planting, but just a slow beginning. We are certainly still in the throws of winter. But it is time to get in the onions, with a focus on BIG, as per my husbands orders. So, we're looking at Walla Walla, Ailsa Craig and similar grande types.
I'm happy to be doing the CSA,but a small version this year. I plan on carrying on with my restaurants (the boys),market and especially transplant sales....that I am excited about after the soil fiasco of last year. So now, bring on spring!

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